Aslamualikum Warhamtuallah, You have here the translated works of the Muhadith of our generation the Mujadid of our era and the Immam of the Muslimeen in our time; Al-Immam Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albani Rahimuhu Allah.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Virtues of Al-Shaam

Virtues of Al Shaam and its People
(Al-Shaam: refers to the lands currently known as Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon,  Parts of northern Egypt, and parts of western Iraq)

1) From Zayd ibn thabit Al-ansari (radiya allahu anhu) said I heard the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم say: “O tooba (a tree in paradise/glad tidings) for the Shaam!, O tooba (a tree in paradise/glad tidings) for the Shaam!, O tooba (a tree in paradise/glad tidings) for the Shaam!”
They said: “O Messanger of Allah! How did they get this?” He replied “The angels of Allah have rested their wings upon the Shaam”
Sheikh Al-albani says: The hadith is Sahih. It was narrated in Al-tirmidhi and other than it.

2) From Abdulla Ibn Hawala, the Messanger صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “You will be split up into groups of armies. An army will be in Al-shaam, an army in Iraq, and an army in Yemen.”

Abdullah said: I stood up and said…”choose for me oh Messenger of Allah.”
The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Upon you is Al-shaam; and whoever cannot, let him go to Yemen, and let him drink from its water, for Allah has assured (secured) for me Al-shaam and its people.

Rabi’a said: I heard Aba Idris narrating this hadith and he would say: “who ever Allah has given assurance then there is no fear over him.”
Sheikh Al-albani says this hadith is Sahih Jidan (very authentic)

3) From Abdullah Ibn Omar (radiya allahu anhuma) he said: The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said, I saw a pillar of the book was taken from underneath my pillow and I looked and it was an extending light directed toward Al-shaam. Verily al-iman (the faith), at the time of fitan (turmoil) is in Al-shaam.
Sheikh Al-Albani says it is an authentic hadith.

4) From Mu’awiya ibn Qura (raised to the Prophet) (radiya allahu anhu): The Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “If the people of Al-shaam are corrupted then there is no good in you. There will always be a group of my Ummah that will be victorious, and they will not be harmed by those who seek to humiliate them until the hour comes.
Sheikh Al-albani declared this as an authentic hadith.

Taken from the book: Takhreej Ahadith Fada’il Ahl Al-shaam wa Dimashq by: The Imamm Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albani

Translated by Abu Hamza


  1. Assalamu alaykum,
    Bro, JazakumAllahu khair brother for your translation but could you provide the references for the hadiths listed, (Tirmithdi, Nisa'ee,Ahmad etc) aswell as where it could be found in Al-Albani's checkings (Saheeha, Silsilah, Irwa Ghaleel) BarakaAllahufeek.

  2. This is actually that happens today. Alhamdulillah

  3. Where is Syria or Palestine?

    1. Al-Sham (Greater Syria) is bordered by the Euphrates River on the northeast and by Egypt on the southwest. It extends from the mountains of Tai' in the southeast to the Mediterranean and the Anadol Mountains in the northwest.
      Major cities

      Its major cities are Damascus, Jerusalem, Nabulus, Homs, Hemah, Halab, Amman, Beirut, Askalan, Gaza, Saida; Sur, Tripoli, Ba'labek, Manbaj and Al-Ma'rah.

      Al-Sham is a vast land with an abundance of blessings. It is full of gardens, farms and fields. Fruits are abundant and cheap, and there is generous rain and snow.

      Al-Sham is a blessed and sacred land that Allah destined to be the place of revelations, the birthplace of prophets and a refuge for godly men.

      its grey in this map

  4. assalaamu alikumu wa rahmatullauhi wa barakaatuh akhi
    we are in the process of making a calender about the virtues of ash-shaam and urgently need a translation to the shaykh al albaaniy's (RA) book on the virtues of ash-shaam. do you have that at all? can you please post your email so we can correspond by email?
    Jazaakumullauhu khairan

  5. Walykum aslam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu, our email is please send in the details of the project and we will see how can be of assistance. Jazakumallahu kayeran for including us in such a great effort. Wassallam
    Abu Hamza

  6. There is much controversy surrounding the works of Nasir ud-deen Albani. No doubt many of you have heard of them. Therefore, it is wiser and safer to stick with the established scholars of Islam, the 4 imams etc.
    The 4 Imams of Islam were pioneers in every field they touched on, hadith, tafseer, fiqh etc. They perfected every discipline and were masters. They did a huge amount of work to simplify and codify the deen so that you and I, the laymen, can practice our religious without being confused.
    Unfortunately there are people today who are not masters in any science of Islam, they are not even proficient, I would be sceptical to say they have a working knowledge; these people believe they have the skills and the knowledge to go through the vast amounts of knowledge contained in the hadiths, Qur’an, tafseer etc to determine what is right from wrong, what is more authentic, what is weak and what is strong.

    1. There will always be scholars of Islam throughout history, and to just brush off the work of a scholar especially one like al-Albani rahimuhulah who is an Imam in his own right and a Mujadid of this era is a bit backwards. An act such as this or claim such as the one above will only come from people that have not spent time in the realms of knowledge and only know to talk out of ignorance or desire.

      If you spent any time even looking up the background on just one hadith let alone the thousands this Imam has done you would be ashamed of your self to say something like this, but when you are ignorant your tongue or hand as in this case will eventually reveal you.

      He served the Sunah and is an established and well known scholar in the long lineage of scholars we have in Islam starting from the Sahaba and including our 4 Imams and to this time of ours. All have something to contribute as regards to the knowledge and efforts to preserve it.

      It would do well for the ignorant so stay quite and learn instead.

    2. Mashallah ya akhi.

  7. Four Imam's Fiqh is not complete et all as there are lots of conflicts. Lots of sayings which are against of Sahih Hadith. There are numerous differences in Halal and Haram between the 4 Imam's. And even all four Imams have said never follow my teachings if that is against of Quran and Sahih Sunnah.

    And by following separate Imams Ummah can never unite. Never go to follow the Imams. Never Ever. Follow only Quran and Sunnah. Most importantly these four imams were not Muhaddith.

    Follow Quran and Authentic Sunnah. That can only Unite the Ummah worldwide. Following four imams was a conspiracy to disunite the ummah.

    Read the Quran and Read the Sunnah as Allah says there is hedayat for whom who seeks hedayat. So seek hedayat Allah will definetly give you the hidyat.

  8. Madhhabs should be viewed as merely a vehicle to Quran and Sunnah; there used to be over 50 madhabs, today it's down to four. InshaAllah one day we will only need one, since most principles of Usul are shared across all four that are in practice. Sheyookh like Al Albani rahimahullah paved the way towards unity and a more sincere approach to Islamic fiqh, as opposed to the hardcore madhhabi point of view which is really just a type of groupism based on geography and shared history, nothing more. Madhabis claim to stick to their views because they are based on Quran and Sunnah, and this is true. However, in face of stronger evidence towards the words and deeds of The Messenger SAAS, one should always submit to the truth and forget about what anybody else said. This is where the sincereity dwindles, and you will see the true nature of a madhhabi as he stubbornly sticks to nothing, submitting his taqleed to a man he probably knows little about, and who would most certainly have followed the truth if he had access to more sources. The hardcore madhabis tend to be Sufis anyways, Sufis love followers and love to believe they are saints, may Allah guide them and guide all of us.