Aslamualikum Warhamtuallah, You have here the translated works of the Muhadith of our generation the Mujadid of our era and the Immam of the Muslimeen in our time; Al-Immam Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albani Rahimuhu Allah.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

al-Tashabuh (Imitation of the Kuffar) عدم التشبه بالكفار

Bismillah ar-rahman araheem
Imitation of the Kuffar
Tape (aadam al-tashabuh bil-kuffar/عدم التشبه بالكفار )
The Sheikh (Rahimahu Allah) began with kutabtah al hajjah
Then the sheikh (Rahimahu Allah) was asked:

Q: Bismillah ar-rahman araheem, we would like a further clarification and a clearer understanding of a previous lecture given, entitled: The Ahadith of the Prophet (sallah allahu alayhi wassalam) concerning the prohibition of imitating the kufar. Jaazakum Allahu khayr.

A: The sheikh Rahimahu Allah began: We state that anything that is specific to the kufar, their culture, and their traditions is not permissible. It is not permissible for the Muslim to neither beautify himself nor take for him self anything that is specific to the kufaar. There is no doubt it is not within our capacity at this time to enter into this topic in detail or in very precise levels because the imitation (Tashabuh) is of different levels. I will give you some examples concerning what I mean so it will become clear to you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Imam al-Albani; Protests/ Demonstrations Permissible or Imitation of Kuffar?

Tape 210 of Sislsillat al-Huda wa-Noor  
 Contents of Tape
  • Islam and Politics
  • Why the Salafis today are not involved in politics
  • Our politics is to stay out of politics in this age
  • Demonstrations and protest are imitation of foreign ways 

Question to Shyakh al-Albaani (No Sallam for You!) 
Q. Shaykh Muhammad Naasirudeen al-Albaani was asked, “Shaykh, what do you know about this Jama’ah called at-Tasabut wat-Tawaqcuf or at-Tawaqcuf wat-Tasabut? Where did it originate from? Who is the originator? What are its thoughts and ideology and any history that is behind it?
A. Shaykh rahimahullaah said, “I haven’t heard about this Jama’ah and it seems that your affairs are worse than ours. So, what do you guys know about them? We know al-Waaqif, we know what that is, but at-Tawaqcuf wat-Tasabut, this is new terminology. We haven’t heard it.”

Al-Hakimyah; Immam al-Albani

Immam al-Albani on al-Hakimyah

What is Salafiyah; Immam Al-Albani (Updated)

Tape #1 Silsillat al-Huda wa-Nur

Contents of Tape
  • The foundations of al-Salafiya
  • The scholars
  • Knowledge is Allah Said, The Messenger Said, The Sahaba said
  • Principles of the Salaf