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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Question to Shyakh al-Albaani (No Sallam for You!) 
Q. Shaykh Muhammad Naasirudeen al-Albaani was asked, “Shaykh, what do you know about this Jama’ah called at-Tasabut wat-Tawaqcuf or at-Tawaqcuf wat-Tasabut? Where did it originate from? Who is the originator? What are its thoughts and ideology and any history that is behind it?
A. Shaykh rahimahullaah said, “I haven’t heard about this Jama’ah and it seems that your affairs are worse than ours. So, what do you guys know about them? We know al-Waaqif, we know what that is, but at-Tawaqcuf wat-Tasabut, this is new terminology. We haven’t heard it.”
“This Jama’ah, may Allaah preserve you o Shaykh, and we say Rahimahullaah at this time. This Jama’ah they say that they are called at-Tawaqcuf wat-Tabayun, and they for instance, for example we say there is a man and they will say, we don’t say anything about him, until his affair is clear, we don’t say he is a Muslim, a Mushrik, or a Kaafir, or a Mubta’dia, or a Sunni, or whatever until it is clear. So what is it that you say about these kinds of people, yaa Shaykh?”
So ash-Shaykh rahimahullaah says, “Even if they see the man do Shahadah and say, “Ashhadduan laaillaaha illaah Muhammaddar rasoolullaah and pray with the Muslimeen, they will still have this Tawaqcuf? This is what it appears to be?”

He said, “Yes, yes, that is what it is yaa Shaykh.”

Shaykh rahimahullaah said, “This is the epitome of misguidance.”

“Shaykhna, we have some of the sects of Saudia there that they do not give sallaam to the man, to the person with the hujaah, you know using the excuse that there is Tawaqcuf on him. We got to stop. Tawaqcuf means to stop and not say anything yet. So, they won’t give him salaam.”

The Shaykh says, “Allaahu Akbar!”

“This is because they say the assal in the person is that he is upon al-ikhwaaniya, the ikhwaan al-Muslimeen, or at-tableeghiyah, or at-tableegh, and we cannot say salaam until it is established that he is a Salafiyah. So, what is going on here yaa Shaykh? What is it that you advice these people with? What is it that you can say to them?”

So the Shaykh rahimahullaah said, “Well we tell them the ayah, ‘Do not say when you are given salaam, you are not from the believers. So, Allaah subhana wa ta’ala orders us not to say that. And of course you know the hadeeth of the person that came under the sword of the Sahaabi and he testified Laaillaaha Illallaah Muhamaddar rasoolullaah, and the Sahaabi did not give a care for this and he killed him. Then he went to the Prophet sallallaahu alyhi wasallam and said did you reveal what was in his chest? And the likes of this... It is apparent that these are Muhdatthas, these are newly invented people, they are Mubtaddia, they are something newly invented and this is a bid’ah, some kind of innovation. They are a new sect.

Translator's Notes:
We ask Allaah that he has mercy upon our Shaykh and that he increases him in levels of Jannah and all of our ulama. Please remember him in you duaa, for he has presented this knowledge to us.

I would like to remind all of the Muslimeen that the Arabic language is your language and the language of all of the Muslimeen. It is binding upon us to learn the Arabic language and take knowledge from its source and not merely rely on the translations.
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