Aslamualikum Warhamtuallah, You have here the translated works of the Muhadith of our generation the Mujadid of our era and the Immam of the Muslimeen in our time; Al-Immam Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albani Rahimuhu Allah.

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Silsillah as-Saheeha

“A Continuum of Authentic Traditions”

Therein are all of the traditions contained in the authentic continuum without the chain derivations arranged as per the standard of index of jurisprudence.

By the Polymath Muhammad Nasiruddeen Al-Albaani
May Allah Have Mercy on Him

Thusly Arranged by: Abu Ubaida Mashhoor ibn Hasan Aal Sulman
Translated by: Mutwakil Abel Khadir


Indeed all praise is due to Allaah. We praise Him, we seek His Assistance and we seek His forgiveness. We likewise seek protection in Allaah from the evil present in ourselves and the negative aspects of our deeds. It is a fact that he whom Allaah guides cannot be lead astray by anyone while the one who is lead astray by Allaah because of a perversion already in his heart , will not have anyone to guild him after Allah.

I testify that there is no god worthy of worship except Allaah, He is alone and he has no partner. I likewise testify that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is his servant and messenger.
O you who have believed fear Allaah with a reverence that is due to him and do not die except as Muslims (Aal Imraan 102).
O Mankind be conscious of your Lord who created you from a single soul, creating also its mate therefrom after which many men and women were widely disseminated. So fear Allah He by whom you ask your mutual rights and guard the relations of the wombs Indeed Allaah is ever and All Watcher over you.(An Nisa 1).
O you who have believed be conscious of Allaah always speaking an upright statement. If you do this he will direct you to do good deed and forgive you your sins. So whoever has obeyed Allaah and His messenger He has indeed achieved The great success (Al Ahzab 70-71).

And so it follows:
That we have here a beneficial and delightful book in which I have gathered the textual portions of the traditions that form “ A Continuum of Authentic Traditions” by our Sheikh, The Traditionary (Muhaddith) of this time, Muhammad Nasirudden ben Nuh An Najati Al-Albani May the All Encompassing mercy of Allah, Transcendent be He, be upon him.

I remain true therein to the index as it was arrange and put forth by the Sheikh himself May Allaah have mercy on him, in the original table of contents. This, so as to facilitate for the laymen, the easy use and readability thereof. In this way, it would likewise serve as a trusty reference for researchers , preachers and lecturers. Those said professionals would benefit from this isolation of ours, of the textual portions of the traditions, without the tedious discourses on chain derivations, in that they will quickly and efficiently be able to find what they desire.

The chapters under which these traditions were arranged are as follows:

1: Moral fibre, filial Piety and kinship bonds.
2: Etiquettes and Seeking Permission
3: Al-Adhan and As-Salah
4:Sacrificial Animals, Food, Drink, Birth Ritual(Aqiqa) and kind treatment of animals.
5: Belief in Allaah’s Inity(Taheed), practical religion(Deen) and Destiny
6: Oaths,Vows and Expiation
7: Business, Livelihood, and Abstemiousness*
8: Repentance, Admonishments*, and Heart-some Exhortations*
9:The Garden and the Fire
10: Greater and lesser Pilgrimage
11: Divine Ordinances, Daily Practices, and Statutory Rulings\
12: Sovereignty, Allegiance,Obedience and Government
13: Alms, Generosity, Charity, and Gifts.
14: Marriage, Equity between multiple wives, Raising Children as well as Equity in their regard* and giving them good names
15: Traveling, Jihad, Military, Campaigns, and Being kind to Animals
16:The Prophetic biography including his characteristics
17: Fasting and Vigils
18: Medicine and Visitation of the Sick
19: Purification and Ritual Washing
20: Knowledge, The Way and Prophetic Traditions
21: Tribulations, Signs of the Time and Resurrection
22: The Virtues of Quran, Innovations, Litanies and Incantations
23: Clothing Beautification, Amusements and Pictures
24: The Beginning, The Prophets and the Wondrous Nature of Creation
25: Sickness, Funerals and the Grave
26: Outstanding Traits and Shortcomings
27: Admonitions and Heart-some Exhortations
28: Miscellaneous

Now, this isolation of my tool form as follows: First off: I mentioned The Companion credited with the traditions and the reason for its narration if possible.

Secondly: I recorded the narration as is making mention of where it could be found in the original by number. The latter being placed in Brackets while not mentioning anything concerning its routes of where they originated in the traditional references.

*as is found in the first five volumes of the original however there is another chapter of the same name taken from the sixth and seventh volume seen in heading 27
*This includes dowries, spending the rights of the spouses and divorce.

 Thirdly: Seeing as though I found a number of traditions were off repeated I decided to deal with them in either one of two ways. If in one hand we found that the source along with the wording and chapter heading were the same I would suffice to mention it once and then mention both* numbers in brackets as you see in numbers (25, 295, 429,537,585,724,747,772,834,881,921,1423,1423,2128,3078,3232,3581).
The other scenario would be if I found the source was different as well as the wording even if minutely such as there being a small array of word differential I would leave them both to be mentioned as they were as is in numbers (15,237,238,267,666,669,677,694,700,747,810,1001,1138,1585,1586).
The Sheikh himself had brought to attention this type of repetition saying for instance in regard to number 677 of this book: “And so we now bring to attention after having brought out the hadeeth that it chain has been sourced and is printed in the Fifth volume of this “Continuum” number(2084).”
It was therefore in the same vein that we put forth the preceding numbers special attention being given to the first way stated in dealing with these few cases of repetition. Indeed providence lies with God Alone.

Fourthly: That which the Sheikh repeated as with putting the same tradition(hadeeth) under more than one chapter I opted to leave as is* keeping this and that which is before it in mind you can see that it is not a must for the numbers in this book to agree number for number to the original “Authentic Continuum” . This point is further emphasized by what follows:

Fifthly: I gave consideration to the changes of Ash Sheikh Albani as regards his position concerning certain traditions. These would include what he made clear in his books, what I have heard from him directly, that which he has related in those parts of his book which have not been printed as of the writing of these lines in his “Weak Continuum” or those things mentioned is his famous gatherings of knowledge.
As an example see the elucidations upon numbers 35,1238,1241,1303,1869,2361,2405,2421,2966,3043,3137,3478.
In this regard I found A hadeeth in this book which is present in the collection of weak hadeeth (Da’eef Al- Ghareeb) . I do not know the last of the Sheikhs two statements regarding its status. As such I left it as is while bringing attention to it. See number 202.

Sixthly, this book is composed of all the textual portions of the “Authentic Continuum” that have been published in culminating in the seventh volume. Included therein are the statements of companions that are not directly attributed to the Prophet but whose meaning is attributed to him as well as that said of statements whose

*This is because there was only one hadeeth that was repeated more than once
*This was done in the seventh volume often but it was not he who made the Table of Contents. It therefore sufficed to put the Tradition under the most obvious chapter heading. For instance that which is mentioned in this book as number 2683 was mentioned in the original index under (sickness and Funerals) and (Tribulations). I however sufficed to put it under (tribulations) because its connection to sickness was not as strong. Furthermore I posit that if it was to be repeated under the chapter of Admonishments and Heart-some Exhortations that would have been a much stronger connection.
meanings have not been unequivocally attributed to Him, see number s(471,2665,3195) and 1601.

Seventhly I endeavored to make sure as to the exact wording of the tradition which sometimes entailed returning to the exact references where from the Sheikh transmitted the same. This was so as to make sure the text was exact and perfect as possible. So that which might have been added as a result has been highlighted as found in numbers( 508,2338,3117,3135,3298,3597,3659) being careful not to overdue it.

Eighthly: I found some traditions in the “Authentic Continuum” which were not placed in the contents according to subject and after looking closely I found that some of them are also in the “weak” collection so I put it under the same heading as found in the “weak” collection while highlighting the same. Likewise some were repeated as such its source cited so I placed it where it was first stated.(See # 215 and 216)

Ninthly: that which the Sheikh-May Allaah have mercy on him- took out of the first printings of the “Authentic Continuum”. I likewise omitted without delving into the reasons of the Shiekhs change.
Lastly: I have embarked on this project in response to a request from the owner of Maktab AL Maarif The Noble Sheikh Saeed Ar Rashid who owns the copyrights of this Continuum.

These have constituted my endeavors on this project as regards this book. So if I have succeeded then that is a result of the blessings and generosity of Allaah upon him. The antithesis thereof would be from me and Satan of which I would seek forgiveness of Allaah therefrom. The last of our calls being All Praise is for Allaah The Lord of the worlds.
Written by Abu Ubaidah Mashhoor ben Hasan Salman
1424 Hijra
Safar 8



It comes to us by way of:

1) By way of Anas who said: He( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) initiated intimate brotherly bonds between Az Zubair and Abdullah ibni Masood [“The Authenticum” 3166].

2) By way of Abee Masood Albadri (saying without attributing to the Prophet): The last thing picked up by the people concerning the statement of the Prophetic revelations: If you feel no shame then do as you wish. [“The Authenticum” 684]

3) By way of Kab ibn Ujra-May Allaah be pleased with him-who stated that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him noticed Ka’ab’s absence and thusly inquired. He was informed “He is sick”. Forthwith he proceeded to walk until reaching his abode. Upon entering he exclaimed "Receive good news O Kaab!” His mother then announced “Be happy about receiving the Garden O Kaab!” So he said: “Who is the female that has resignated a decision on behalf of God?” He replied (Kaab):” It is my mother O messenger of Allah”. He said: “So how do you know Umm Kaab?” Ka’ab could have very well said something of no concern to him or refrained from giving something which is of no avail to him. [“The Authenticum” 3103]

4) By way of Aaesha-May Allaah be pleased with her- stating that the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said “The most abhorrent of men In the sight of God is the Vehement Antagonizer” [“The Authenticum” 3970]

5) By way of Anas ibni Maalik from the Prophet- Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who said: Do you know what really bites? They answered: Allaah and his messenger know best. That would be transmitting statements from one group to another to cause dissension between them. [“The Authenticum” 845]

6) By way of Muhammad ibni Jahaada; from a man on the authority of a friend of his who hailed from the Anbar tribe; from his father who was known by the agnomen (kunya) Abdul Muntafiq who said: “ I came to Makkah in turn, asking about the messenger of Allaah- peace and blessings be upon him. I was then told then told by some, “He is at Arafa”. Subsequently I went to him desiring to get close to him, however I was prevented from doing so.” He then ordered them: “Leave him be.” I in turn came close to him so that the neck of his riding beast was juxtaposed to the neck of my riding beast. Then I proclaimed” O Messenger of Allaah, inform me that which would make me far removed from the punishment of Allaah and facilitate my entrance into the Garden.” “1. Worship Allaah and associate naught with Him. 2. Establish the prescribed prayers. 3. Pay the obligatory alms. 4. Fast in Ramadan. 5. Make the greater (Hajj) and the lesser(Umra) pilgrimage. 6. Look to what good do the people except from you to them and carry out it for them. Likewise that which you dislike from them to you refrain from such in their respect.” [“The Authenticum” 3508]

7) By way of Abee Hurairah-May Allaah be pleased with him- That the messenger of Allaah-Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- was asked: “Who are the most honorable of people?” He replied “Those who are more conscious of Allaah.” They stated “We are not asking in that regard.” He inquired “So is it of the origins of the Arabs you are asking me? Mankind in general are according to their sources. The choicest of them in the days of ignorance are the best of them in Islam as long as they gain in prudential knowledge.” [“The Authenticum” 3996]

8) By way of Ibni Mas’ood who said without direct attribution. “ Be conscious of Allaah and connect the wombs that bind you” [“The Authenticum” 869]

9) By way of Abee Ad Dardaa from the Prophet-Preace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who said: “The heaviest thing on the scale is strong moral fibre.” [“The Authenticum” 876]

10) By way of a man from the companions of the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who said that a man said to the Prophet- Peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him-“Inform me with some words of advice to live by. Do not however give me too much from which I will forget.” He conceded by saying “Shun the state of anger”. He then repeated the request to which the Prophet replied: “Shun the state of Anger.” [“The Authenticum” 884]

11) By way of Rabee’ah Al-aslami who said: “I used to serve the messenger of Allaah-Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who at one point gave me some land. He also gave Aboo Bakr some land. Then came the Proverbial Dunyaa under which we differed concerning a date cluster. In this case Aboo Bakr said: “It’s on my side of the land.” In the same way I said it was on my side. Abu Bakr and I then had an exchange of words. Abu Bakr then said something that I disliked and he too regretted. As a result he said to me: “O Rabee’ah reciprocate with its like as a retribution.” I said “I will not do it.” Abu Bakr replied saying: “You will surely say it otherwise I will set upon you the messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him. I said “I will not do it”. He continued by saying “ He even refused thereafter the disputed piece of land and Abu Bakr-may Allaah be pleased with him- went off to the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- and I went on after him. Some people from the Aslam tribe came afterwards and commented: “May Allaah have mercy on Abu Bakr. It is as if he wishes to set upon you the messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم for the slightest reason while he is the one who said what he said?”. I said in reply: “Do you guys know who this is? This is Abu Bakr the Veracious, the Second of the Two and the elder of the Muslims so beware lest he see you taking my side over his side which would in turn make him angry. As a result of which the messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- would come and get angry. Both of whose anger at you would result in the anger of Allaah causing thereafter the destruction of Rabee’ah.” They implored “What should we do then?” He ordered them “Go back.” Abu Bakr continued on and I carried on alone following him right in his trail. He finally reached the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- forthrightly relating to him the story as it happened. He subsequently motioned his head towards me saying: “O Rabee’ah what is the problem with you and the Veracious?” I said “O messenger of Allaah this and that and the other thing happened which resulted in him saying to me a statement which I did not like. Thereafter he told me to say the like thereof to him as retribution.” The messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- then said “Yea! Reciprocate not, rather you should say May Allaah forgive you Abu Bakr” He continues: “thereafter Aboo Bakr-May Allaah have mercy on him-turned to go away while crying. [“The Authenticum” 1837]

12) By way of Abdillah ibni Umar who said that the Prophet –peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- was asked: “Which people are he best?” He replied: “Those who are best in moral fibre.” [“The Authenticum” 1837]

13) By way of Usamah ibni Shuaik who said: We wee sitting one time with the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him-(in a state so serene) it was as if the birds were perching atop our heads none of us daring to speak until there came some people who asked “Who of Allaah’s servitors are most are most beloved to Allaah?” He replied: “Those who are best in moral fibre” [“The Authenticum” 432]

14) By way of al-Hasan (not attributing it to the messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم) who related thus: Guard your tongue, your mother be bereaved on your account O Muaadh, Is it not the tongues of people that causes them to be thrown on their faces”. [“The Authenticum” 1122]

15) By way of Abee Hurairah ( without directly attributing it to the Prophet who said) “ If a servant of one of you comes to you with food that he has slaved over with due care you should in turn invite him to sit with you but if he refuses then give him some food in his hand” [“The Authenticum” *1285]

16) By way of Ali ibnil-Hasan who narrated, the meaning of which is raised to the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- without directly attributing it to him, thus: “If one of you loves his brother for Allaah’s sake then proclaim such, for it is the best way to develop affection and firmly ingrain that love” [“The Authenticum” 1199]

17) By way of Aaesha who narrated ,the meaning of which is raised to the Prophet without directly attributing it to him, thus: “If Allaah Mighty and Majestic be He desires good for the people of a certain house He facilitates the practice of gentleness in their midst”. [“The Authenticum” 1219]

* The Sheikh may Allaah have mercy on him repeated this in [“The Authentic”] as number 2569 and will come in this book as number 239.

18) By way of Abee Hurairah from the Prophet- Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who said: “When intervals of time become clustered the dreams of a Muslim would hardly prove wrong. It will play that those with the truest of dreams are the one who are truest in speech. Likewise, the dream of the Muslim is considered to be one out of forty six (1/46) aspects of prophet hood. Dreams, as it were, are three types. There is the Righteous tiding which is from Allaah, mighty and Majestic be He. There is a Dream which is a grief giving sight brought on by Satan. The third is a dream which comes from the person himself playing out his own subconscious desires. Therefore, when one of you sees something he doesn’t like, you must not tell anyone and you should pray forthright. I like wholesome sleep while I dislike unsound slumber. Wholesomeness is a sign of steadfastness in the religion” [“The Authenticum” 3014]

19) By way of Abee Hurairah who narrated ( the meaning of which is raised to the Prophet, without directly attributing it to him) thusly: “ If the servant of one of you comes to you with food which he has prepared duly with care then the least level of courtesy is to give him to partake of a portion thereof. This is if he doesn’t desire to sit with you and eat. [“The Authenticum” 1043]

20) By way of Abee Bakra –May Allaah be pleased with him- That the messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said: “If a Muslim levels a weapon against his brother the Angels of Allaah will continue to curse him until he sheathes it away from him.” [“The Authenticum” 3973]

21) By way of Jaabir who said: The messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said: “If you decided on presumption then do not assume certainty. If you smite with envy do not then continue with transgression. If you happen to take an omen disregard it and continue as planned trusting in Allaah. Finally, when you give measure give the fullest thereof.” [“The Authenticum” 3942]

22) By way of Abee Hurairah who narrated (the meaning of which is raised to the prophet, without directly attributing it to him thusly: “When a man becomes angry invoking as a result; A’oodhu Billah(I seek refuge in Allaah) his anger will subside.” [“The Authenticum” 1376]

23) By way of Abda ibn Abee Lubada from Mujahid, then Ibni Abbas who narrated (the meaning of which is Prophetic, without being directly attributed to them) thusly: “When a Muslim meets his brother, taking his hand, thereby shaking it, their sins in turn trickle down from in between the fingers just as leaves trickle own in the autumn of winter.” Abda says: “Upon this I said to Mujahid “This is rather slight.” Thereafter Mujahid rebutted: “Do not say that as Allaah- Transcendent be He- stated empathetically in his book ((If you spent all that is in the Heavens and the Earth on an endeavor to buy mutual affection of the hearts you would succeed not in binding them, rather it is Allaah who has bound together their hearts with mutual affection)) Al-Anfal 23. “ After that I realized the superiority of his knowledge compared to others.” [“The Authenticum” 2004]

24) By way of ibni Abbas who said: “A man came to the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- and said: “My father died without having made the Pilgrimage, should I then make the Pilgrimage on his behalf?” He replied: “Do you not see it similar to if your father had a debt? Wouldn’t you pay it on his behalf?” He answered: “Yes I would.” He retorted: “Therefore make Hajj on your father’s behalf. [“The Authenticum” 3047].

25) By way of Anas ibn Maalik who narrated: The Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said during his sickness: “Guard the wombs that bind you, guard the relations of the womb.” [“The Authenticum” 1538, 736]

26) By way of Abdillaah ibn Amr inilAas who narrated (with a Prophetic meaning but not directly attributing it to him), thusly: Have mercy and mercy will be your Lot. Likewise, forgive and Allaah will forgive you. Fie upon that speech which is full of hot air and fie upon the obstinate those who persist in wrong-doing knowingly. [“The Authenticum” 482]

27) By way of Yazid ibn Jaariyah who said: The Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said at the farewell pilgrimage: “See your slaves; Take care of your slaves; I beseech you concerning your slaves. Feed them from that which you yourself eats, clothe them from that which you wear and if they happen to do something wrong and you cannot find it in yourselves to forgive them, then sell the servitors of Allaah and do not punish them.” [“The Authenticum” 740]

28) By way of Umar-May Allaah be please with him- who said the Messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him-said: “Be ye modest! However Allaah is not conserving as it relates to stating the truth. Do not copulate with women in their backsides.” [“The Authenticum” 3377]

29) By way of ibn Abbass( with a prophetic meaning) who narrated: “Be tolerant and tolerance will be shown to you. [“The Authenticum” 1465]

30) By way of Ubaadah( with a prophetic meaning the exact text thereof being non-attributable) who narrated: “ Guarantee for me six things concerning your person and will guarantee the Garden for you. Be truthful when you speak, come through on your promises, fulfill that which you are entrusted with, guard your private parts, lower you gaze and fetter your hands.” [“The Authenticum” 1470]

31) By way of Hamza ibn Abdillah ibn Umar from his father-May Allaah be pleased with the twain- who said: “I was married to a woman who I loved however Umar disliked her. Henceforth Umar ordered: “Divorce her”. I in turn refused upon which he mentioned it to the Prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- who said: “ Obey your father and divorce her.” [“The Authenticum” 919]

32) By way of Abdillah ibn Amr who narrated that Mu’aadh ibn Jabal intended to travel and in that vein asked: “O Messenger of Allaah advise me.” He retorted: “Worship Allaah and associate naught with Him.” He implored “O Prophet of God, give me more” He conceded “Be steadfast and strengthen your moral fibre.” [“The Authenticum”1228]

33) By way of Ishaq ibn Saeed who said: “I was informed by my father who said: “I was once with ibni Abbaas when a man came and asked him “who are you?” He continued: “It so happened that the man was distantly related to him which led him to address the man with terms of endearment.” Subsequently he stated: “The messenger of Allaah-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- said: “Know your lineages so you can keep bound the bonds on kinship because there cannot truly be bonds of kinship if they are cut off no matter how close they be, Likewise it would not be considered far as long as they are kept bound even if they are in actuality far.” [“The Authenticum”277]

34) By way of Al Abbaas ibn Julaid Al-Hujrari who said: “I heard Abdallah ibn Amr saying: “A man came to the prophet-peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him- and said: “O messenger of Allaah, to what extent should we pardon a servant?” He remained silent so the man repeated his question. Again he remained silent but this third time he proclaimed: “pardon him every day seventy times” [“The Authenticum” 488]

35) By way of Muaadh ibn Jabal who narrated that the messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم dispatched him to a people upon which he requested: “O messenger of Allaah Advise me.” He retorted: “ Spread the greeting of peace and give out food abundantly , be shy in front of Allaah as a man is covering with his family and strengthen your moral fibre as much as you can*.” [“The Authenticum”3559]

36) By way of Abee Hurairah(with prophetic meaning the exact text thereof being non attributable) who narrated : “The best actions are to initiate happiness on your Muslim brother, lift a debt off his shoulders or feed him some bread.” [“The Authenticum”1494]

37) By way of Abdillah ibn Amr (with a prophetic meaning the exact text thereof being non attributable) who narrated: “The best form of charity is thatrectifying disunion [“The Authenticum”2639]

38) By way of Anas ibn Malik who said: “The Arabs were a people who served each other when it came to traveling. In that regard both Abu Bakr and Umar had such a man with them. A time came upon them under which they slept. As they awoke, they saw that the said man had not prepared any food for them. One of them commented to the other sardonically: “it’s like this man is in harmony wit h the sleep of your Prophet (in another narration: in harmony with the sleep of your house). They subsequently woke him and ordered: “Go to the messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم and say to him Abu Bakr and Umar affectionately convey to you the salaam and they request from you some provisions”. In reply to the conveyance he said: “Convey to them the salam and inform them that they have already received provision.” Upon receival of the response they were shocked and subsequently went to the Prophet inquiring: “O messenger of Allaah, we sent a messenger to you to request provision and you said’ you have already received provision. In what way have we acquired provision?” Hr answered: “by way of the flesh of your brother. By Him in Whose Hand is my soul I see his flesh between your canine teeth.” The implored: “Seek forgiveness for us.” He replied: “Rather it is he that will have to seek forgiveness for you.” [“The Authenticum”2608]

*Having brought it out thusly I would like to say, at one point I had recorded this hadeeth in “A Continuum of Inauthentic traditions”. Then I realized that it has supporting chains which entail that it be mentioned in the “Authenticum” its sources having already been stated. In that regard the reader should take a look at the said so as to be upon a certainty as it relates to this issue. In this vein I say: as for the first part then this has preceded from the hadeeth of Abdillah ibn Sallaam through a number of chains. One of them being Tirmidhi who authenticated it. The same has been mentioned in number (596). With relation to the second part then this preceded from the hadith of Saeed ibn Yazid Al Ansan by way of Ahmad’s chain among others with a sound transmission (741). The last part came from the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Amr by way of ibn Hibbaan among others with a sound chain1228.In other words, the hadeet his authentic All Praise is for Allaah.(Al-Albaani).
I would add: one can see those said traditions mentioned by the Sheikh in this book. Numbers 461, 102, 32 respectively.

39) By way of Abee Sa’eed Al-Khudri (with prophetic meaning the exact text being non attributable) who narrated thusly: The best of believers as it relates to their actual faith are those who are strongest in moral fibre. They are those who are down to earth, who facilitate mutual endearment as there is no good in he who cannot evoke love or is a benefactor thereof. [751]

40) By way of Abee Hurairah who said: The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “ The most wholesome of believers as it relates to the actuality of their faith are the strongest of them in moral-fibre and the best of them are those who are the best in regards their women folk.” [284]

41) By way of Abdillah ibn Masood who said: The messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Shall I inform you of the one upon whom the fire has been prohibited or who has been prevented from the fire? That is everyone who is approachable, humble, and easy going.”[938]

42) By way of Abee Ayoyoon Al-Ansari(with a prophetic meaning the exact text thereof being non-attributable) who narrated thusly: “ Shall I inform you of a charity whose efficacy is loved by Allaah? Straightening out discord is indeed a charity whose efficacy is loved by Allaah.”[2644]

43) By way of Anas who said: The Prophet passed by a people who were lifting a stone so he asked: “What are they doing?” Those with him answered “They are lifting stones to gain strength.” The Prophet retorted: “Shall I tell you something which is more conducive to strength than that??”-Or something to that effect-“someone who can control himself when angry.” In another narration: The prophet passed by some people who were wrestling upon which he asked: “What is this?” They answered:” “O Messenger of Allaah this is so and so the wrestler. Everyone he wrestles is defeated by him.” The messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم didactically replied: “Shall I tell you of one stronger than him? A man oppressed another man however he held back his fury thereby beating him, his demon and the demon of the one who did him wrong.”[3295]

44) By way of Iyaad Ibn Himar that the messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said one day in his sermon, “Yes indeed, my lord has ordered me to teach you what you do not know, specifically something which he taught me today: ‘ Any monies which I have bestowed on a servitor is halaal (pure). Likewise I have created me servitors as pure monotheists with no exception. However, demonic forces came to them and influenced them away from the way ordained for them. Thus, informing them that things were unlawful which I ordained as lawful for them-prompting them to associate with me that which I had designated no authority.’” So it was that Allah looked upon the people of earth and abhorred them, Arab and non-Arab alike; except a small remnant of the people of the book. Likewise, he said: “It is a fact that I have sent you to test you and to test through you. I revealed unto you a book whose words cannot be washed away with water as you can read it while you are sleeping as well as awake.” Allah has also told me to set a fire to Quaraish. So I asked: “My lord my god in that case they would break my head open and leave it a mess of shattered pieces.” He ordered: “Drive them out as they drove you out. Campaign against them and we will equip you. Spend what you have and expenditure will be made for your efforts; send forth an army and we will sent reinforcements five-times fold. In this way, use those who have obeyed you to fight those who have rejected you.” He continued: “The people of the garden are of three types: A just, charitable, providential ruler, a man who is merciful and soft-hearted towards anyone of kin and any Muslim, and a decent steadfastly-upright benevolent man of a household. He continued: “Thusly, the people of the fire are of five types. A weak person who cannot control his desires, those among you who follow women and don’t pursue family or money for its sake, the one who is so treacherous that even the slightest opportunity to act treachously would be availed, the man who cannot have a day go by without deceiving you in some way as it relates to your family or wealth (mentioning in his regard miserliness and lying), and the expressly vulgar and lewd. Allah as it were has revealed to me thusly, “be humble so that one man should not boast over another, nor one man desire lustfully that which another man has.” [The Authenticum 3599]

45) By way of Abdillah Ibini Masood who said: Muhammad definitely said thus: Shall I inform you of what really bites? It is tale carrying and malicious story telling among the people. In a like narration: It is that tale carrying which sows corruption among the people. [The Authenticum 846]

46) By way of Abee Hurairah who said: The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم entered the masjid while some women of the Ansar were present. He in turn gave them words of encouragement and motion directing them to give in charity even if from their jewelry. The he continued thusly: “So has it ever come about that a woman would tell others of what takes place in private between her and her husband. Has it likewise come about that a man would tell of his private exploits with his women?” Subsequently a woman with burn marks on her cheeks stood up and said: “It is a fact that they do so, men and women alike.” He replied: “Don’t do so. As it were I will inform you of a similar mischief. It is like a demon falling upon a demoness in the street while the people watch.” [The Authenticum 3153]

47) By way of Anas who said: The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم passed by the neighborhood of the Najarsons finding there some girls beating the hand drum singing: “we are the maidens of Najarsons be he Muhammad our neighbor of association…. The prophet commented thusly: “Allah knows the extent of my hearts endearment to you.” [The Authenticum 3154]

48) By way of Abdillah Ibn Amir who said: “The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم came to our house. I being a mere boy went out to play. My mom then called out saying: “Hey Abdillah come and get it.” The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم inquired: “What is it that you want to give him?” She replied, “I will give him dates.” He retorted, “Very well, because if you did not give him something a lie would have been recorded against you.” [The Authenticum 748]

49) By way of Ibn Umar who said: “The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم made tawaf riding on his camel Qaswaa, on the day of the conquest and pointed to the rukn with his staff not finding however a halting place in the masjid itself. The camel in that case was taken out to the middle of the valley and made to halt. The prophet then extolled praises and magnificence of god saying thereafter: “As it were, o you people, the heavy handed wretchedness of the days of ignorance is a by gone. People are of two types: On the one hand, a pious one, given to god consciousness honorable in the sight of his lord. While on the other hand, a wicked person prone to misery debased in the sight of his lord.” He followed that by reciting the following: “O mankind we have indeed created you from a male and female thereby making you into nations and tribes so you could identify one another.” After finishing the verse he ended. “This I have said and I seek Allah’s forgiveness for me and you.” [The Authenticum 2803]

50) By way of Bishr Ibn Aqraba who said: “My father was martyred while fighting with the prophet in some of his campaigns. It happened that the prophet passed by me while I was crying at which he said to me: “Cry not. Does it not please you that I be as your father and Aaesha your mother.” [The Authenticum 3249]

51) By way of Ibini Abbaas who said: “The prophet sent an army out who eventually acquired booty. There, being among the vanquished was a man who said: “I am not of them, rather, I was attracted to a girl and so I sought after her. Would you then just let me look upon her and after that do with me as you please?” So they brought him to look, and saw a tall ebony complexioned woman to whom he subsequently said: “Accept Islam girl, O Habashi darling, lest shall end your span of living. What if I were to follow you and arrived thereto with jewels; upon that reaching you while choking. Is it not right that one in love should be conceded his desire? Seeing as though he traversed the night over its meadows and mire. She said: “I have thus granted you.” Thereafter they took him and smote his neck. The women then came and stood over him. She subsequently sighed with a deep gulp and died. When they came to the messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم, he was informed of that and thusly commented: “Was there not among you even one merciful man?” [The Authenticum 2594]

52) By way of Sa’ad who said: “On the day of the conquest of Makkah, Abdullah Ibn Sa’ad Ibn Abee Sarh hid at the place of Uthman Ibn Affaan who took him straight to the prophet and implored: “O messenger of Allah, except allegiance from Abdullah.” At this request he raised his head looking at him three times, each time refusing; eventually conceding the request after the third. Thereafter he turned to his consorts saying was there not one man of sound mind among you who was able to see that I held my hand back from accepting his allegiance; thereby taking the hint and killing him?” They replied: “We know not what is in your soul, O messenger of Allah. Shouldn’t you have hinted at us with your eye?” He answered: “It is not befitting for a prophet to have deceitful eyes.” [The Authenticum 1723]

53) By way of Abee Dharr who said: “I was ordered by my confidant to carry out seven directives. He instructed me to love the poor-especially those nearest of kin, he instructed that I contrast my slate with what is worse off than me and not contrast my slate with he who is better off than me, he ordered me to connect the ties of kinship even if the relation is far. I was likewise ordered not to ask of anything from anyone, he also told me to always state the truth –even if be bitter, in like manner I was instructed to fear the blame of any criticizer, and finally he directed me to abundantly engage in saying: ‘Ultimately there is no ability nor power save with Allah’ because those words are taken from a treasure present under The Throne [another narration states: “They are a treasure form the treasures of the garden.”] [The Authenticum 2166]

54) By way of Abee Dharr from the prophet who said: “There are from your brothers those who are your servants. Allah has placed them under your authority. In this vein, whoever of you has a brother of his under his authority he should then feed him the same as he himself eats, clothe him with the same clothing as himself, and do not overburden them. If they so happened to be heavily tasked, you should help them.” [The Authenticum 2842]

55) By way of Anas Who said: “The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said that the most integral of believers, as it relates to their faith, are those who are the strongest in moral-fiber. Of a fact, strong moral fiber reaches the same heights as fasting and salah (prayer). [1590]

56) By way of Iyaad Ibn Himar who related a related statement of the prophet from a public sermon of his: “Allah has revealed to me thus: ‘Humble yourselves so that no one would boast over another nor should one man desire lustfully what another has.’” [570]

57) By way of Sahl ibn Saad who said, “the Messenger of Allaah,' صلى الله عليه وسلم said Allah Mighty and Majestic be He – is definitively Generous. As such He loves generosity and culminal moral fibre, while He abhors the baseborn forms thereof.” [1378]

58) By way of Abu Hurayrah who said that the Messenger of Allaah,' صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “It so happened, that when Allah-Mighty and Majestic be He-created the creation, the womb rushed to seek the protection of the Most Merciful. At that He said, ‘Stop.’ The womb retorted, ‘This is the action of one seeking protection in you from being severed.’ He said, ‘All right, does it then please you that I will be close to he who facilitates your closeness and cut off he who has cut you off.’ It answered, ‘Yes indeed, my Lord.’ He said, ‘So it is, that you will have.’” Abu Hurayrah continued, “Then the Messenger of Allaah,' صلى الله عليه وسلم said, in this vein read, if you wish, ‘Is it not so, that if you turn away, you sow corruption in ones whom Allah has cursed henceforth making them deaf while blinding their sights. Do they not then ponder over the Quran or are there perpetual locks upon certain hearts.’” [2841]

59) The Messenger of Allaah,' صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “Allah has definitely forgiven your lying as a result of your truthful earnestness as it relates to ‘There is no ilah except Allah.’” This was related from the narration of Anas, ibn ‘Umar, ibn ‘Abbaas, and Hasan pendantly (without mention of the companion between him and the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم). This, as it were, is the wording of Anas.

60) By way of Anas who said that the Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم asked a man, “Excuse me sir, did you do that?” He answered, “No! By the one whom there is no god but He.” The prophet very well knew that he did it so he said to him…He then mentioned what proceeded. [3064]

60a) By way of Abd Allah who said that the Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “Allah has determined for each a set portion of moral fibre just as he has done with regards to your tangible sustenance. Moreover, Allah gives the extras of the world to whom He loves as well as he whom He loves not. Faith, however, is only given to the one whom He has loved. In this vein let it be said then, ‘He who withholds wealth to where he can’t spend it, who fears the enemy to where he can’t fight him or who is immobilized by the night that he can’t cure the hardship of standing at night.’ The crutch of this should then be to abundantly repeat, ‘Glory be to Allah (Subhan Allah), All Praise is for Allah (Al Hamdulillah), There is no god but Allah (La ilaha illalallah) and Allah is the Most Great (Allah Akbar). [2714]

60b) By way of Abee Musa who said that the Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “Allah would very well give lee-way of time to an oppressor. Culminating in the final seizure of him not letting him go thereafter.” He continued, “He then read, ‘In this way is the seizure of your Lord when He seizes any place which has become prone to wrongdoing. In this way His grasps is punishing and severe.’” [3512]
e Bench’ and there being a time in my experience where not one of us had an adequate garment. This was to the point where the sweat of our skins would act as a resting place for the dust and dirt. At one point the Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم said, ‘The poor ones from the Emigrants (Muhaajiroon) may now rejoice.” This statement was made in connection with a man who came around having a distinguished appearance. Every time the Prophet spoke, this man would try his utmost to speak in a way as to out due the expressions of the Prophet. Finally, when this man left, he said, ‘In no way does Allah like this one of his ilk. The turn over their tongues to impress the people like a cow turns it’s tongue when chewing grass. Allah will in turn transplant their tongues and faces to the Fire.’” [3426]

62) By way of al-Miqdam ibn Ma‘adee Karib al-Kindi from the Prophet who said, “Allah has certainly fixed upon you due responsibility as regards your mothers. He has enjoined upon you the same as regards your fathers. He has likewise fixed upon you respectively as it relates to your family line.” [1666]

63) By way of Abd Allah ibn Amr ibn al-‘Aas from the prophet who said, “Included in the people of the Fire is every pompous, conceited and arrogant one who gathers at any expense only to be miserly. While the people of the Garden include those who are weak and down-trodden.” [1741]

64) By way of Abee Umaamah who said that the Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “The most significant of mankind in the sight of Allah are those who are foremost in initiating the salaam (greeting of peace).” [3382]

65) By way of Anas who said, “The Messenger of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم had a she-camel by the name of Adhbaa which was never beat in a race. It so happened that a Bedouin Arab came with a camel of his and over took her in a race. The Muslims took this defeat hardly saying in exclamation, ‘Adhbaa has been defeated.’ At which point the Prophet said, ‘It is a constant theme established by Allah that He will not elevate anything from this world without then lowering it in turn.’” [3525]

(Part 1, to be continued soon Inshallah)


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