Aslamualikum Warhamtuallah, You have here the translated works of the Muhadith of our generation the Mujadid of our era and the Immam of the Muslimeen in our time; Al-Immam Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albani Rahimuhu Allah.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Beard

Contents of Tape:
  • Proper length of the Beard
  • Taking one handful from the Beard
  • The actions of the Sahaba explain the narrations of the Messenger peace be upon Him
  • The Salafi knowledge based methodology of deducing verdicts and making arguments
  • The manner of the student with his teacher and teacher with his student 
  • Etiquette of Debat
5 Part Series on the subject of the beard. This lecture is in the form of a debate between the teacher and his student.

Parts 1 - 5


Part 1/5
Part 2/5
Part 3/5
Part 4/5
Part 5/5


  1. baarakAllaahu feekum!

  2. i just wanted to say that this type of translating and recording of the audio along side the english is really beneficial maashaaAllaah, please continue... may Allaah give you all success, aameen

  3. assalamu alaikum!
    could you please provide the text translations of the tapes (preferably in the PDF-format) alongside the audio links!